named one of the "50 Best Websites"
by Time Magazine

Cary, NC (April 8, 2002) - Time Magazine has chosen as one of the "50 Best Websites" under the Information and Reference category, stating:

    Site founder Marshall Brain (yes, that's his real name) was obviously one of those 7-year-olds obsessed with understanding how everything in the universe works; now he's one of those adults. In 1998 the electrical engineer and former teacher started posting his breezy, well-organized essays on the mechanics of engines and motors, complete with diagrams. Today is an eclectic encyclopedia that covers everything from torque converters to dieting to DNA. The site's search engine trolls the Web as well as its own content; search for hot rods and you will pull up links to sites about vintage cars and bodybuilding, plus Brain's pages on lightning and batteries.
Other notable winners include: Orbitz, Epinions, The Onion, WebMD, Fark, Evite, Classmates, Salon, Snopes and BBC. To read the review, click here.

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