If you are looking for relevant, informative content for your television station, stuff.dewsoftoverseas.com offers one-minute news vignettes on a huge range of topics. If your viewers want to know how anything works, stuff.dewsoftoverseas.com television vignettes are the answer! Here are five samples (To watch these videos, you'll need the Free Windows Media Player):

How Fireworks Work - 56K modem - ISDN - T1 line

How GPS Receivers Work - 56K modem - ISDN - T1 line

How Smoke Detectors Work - 56K modem - ISDN - T1 line

How Chromakey Works - 56K modem - ISDN - T1 line

How ATMs Work - 56K modem - ISDN - T1 line

Unique features of these news vignettes include:

  • The vignettes are timely, concise, easy to understand, newsworthy, informational and entertaining.
  • The package includes customized graphics and 3-D animations.
  • We offer exclusive broadcast rights in each market.
  • We enhance your Web site by providing a customized Web page containing streamed versions of the vignettes.
  • The vignettes can serve as inventory for integrated sales packages on-air and online.
  • They are easy to promote -- each segment comes with a relevant teaser.
  • They are delivered by satellite on the first Monday of every month.
These vignettes are currently running in nine Sinclair Broadcast Group markets. According to Len Ostroff, COO of Sinclair Ventures:
    Sinclair Broadcast Group (NASDAQ:SBGI) has been airing the stuff.dewsoftoverseas.com (HSW) news vignettes in nine of our markets since May 2001. In five of those markets, our affiliates were able to attract and secure clients who have never advertised on our station before. This led to new advertising revenues for the stations. In almost every market, the sponsorship was directly tied into a larger buy, with the client asking for a right of first refusal on the HSW vignette renewal. In every market, the average sponsorship sold for more than the news’ average unit rates. The average increase was 59.4% with some markets selling the sponsorship for more than twice the news’ average unit rates.

    The HSW vignettes have been so successful that we are now rolling the vignettes out to the rest of our news markets. The additional branding that HSW will receive through their books, radio segments, and Web site only increase the awareness and value of having stuff.dewsoftoverseas.com and Marshall Brain on our newscasts. The Internet tie-in that HSW provides is simple to implement and has proven valuable in attracting new visitors to our station Web sites.

    I would highly recommend the stuff.dewsoftoverseas.com vignettes to any station looking to make their news more pertinent and interesting, increase viewership, create a reason for your viewers to go to your station web sites, and increase revenues. We are thrilled to be in a partnership with such a quality company.

To get Marshall Brain on your station, contact Michael Kroll at Michael.Kroll@stuff.dewsoftoverseas.com.com or (919) 882-5000 X2057. We look forward to hearing from you!