Are you looking for a new radio feature that explains everything you could ever think of? Did you ever wonder why all FM radio stations end in an odd number? Ever ponder what the weight means on a can of motor oil? Cox Radio Syndication & Jones Radio Networks proudly present -- a perfect slice of daily information for your radio listeners.

Marshall Brain, founder of one of the most intriguing and most visited Web sites on the Internet, is your expert on anything from cruise missiles to chocolate to airport scanners to DVD players. Whether it's information that promotes an understanding of current events or explanations of things we just wonder about as we go about our daily lives, your listeners will receive their daily dose of! Two one-minute vignettes are available via satellite or in MP3 format daily to affiliate stations. Here are five samples:

Our radio vignettes reach 1.5 million people each week on these great stations:

  • KCMJ 1010 AM Palm Springs, CA
  • KEWL 1400 AM Texarkana, TX
  • KFAY 1030 AM Fayetteville, AK
  • KFIZ 1450 AM Green Bay-Appleton, WI
  • KFJB 1230 AM Des Moines, IA
  • KNUU 970 AM Las Vegas, NV
  • KNWQ 1140 AM Palm Springs, CA
  • KNWZ 970 AM Palm Springs, CA
  • KPEL-FM 105.1 FM Lafayette, LA
  • KRMG 740 AM Tulsa, OK
  • KROC 1340 AM Rochester, MN
  • KXLI 630 AM Spokane, WA
  • WAJR 1440 AM Pittsburgh, PA
  • WBIW 1340 AM Indianapolis, IN
  • WBMQ 630 AM Savannah, GA
  • WCGA 1100 AM Jacksonville, FL
  • WCLO 1230 AM Madison, WI
  • WDBO 580 AM Orlando-Daytona, FL
  • WHHT 106.7 FM Bowling Green, KY
  • WKMI 1360 AM Grand Rapids, MI
  • WNLK 1350 AM New York, NY
  • WOKV 690 AM Jacksonville, FL
  • WSB 750 AM Atlanta, GA
  • WSKY 97.3 FM Gainesville, FL
  • WSTC 1400 AM New York, NY
  • WVMT 620 AM Burlington, VT
  • WVTS 950 AM Charleston, WV
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