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I love your site! Is your information available in a book or on CD?
Yes! has produced two books so far -- and How Much Does the Earth Weigh? -- click here to place your order or to get more information. And we also now have our site contents on CD! Click here to order the CD 2001 or to find out more!

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"Title of Article", (, by Article Author., Inc., 2002.
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We receive quite a few requests from our international readers asking us to translate site contents into languages other than English. Because of this, our business team is currently considering options.

What is this "Express" thing?
" Express" comes from the editorial staff at It is an acclaimed new magazine for 4th- through 8th-grade students, as well as their teachers and parents. Click here to subscribe. Click here to see the Express site.

Is Marshall Brain your real name?
Yes, Marshall Brain, our founder and CEO, is a live human being and his name was given to him at birth. Click here to learn more about Marshall and the beginnings of

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To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

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