How Airport Security Works - You're probably familiar with airport security, but there's more going on than meets the eye. Go behind the scenes.
How Apache Helicopters Work - The Apache is essentially a flying tank -- a helicopter designed to survive heavy attack and inflict massive damage. Find out what goes on inside the most lethal helicopter ever created.
How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works - The threat of bio/chem warfare is in the news. Understand what's involved in this type of weaponry.
How Body Armor Works - Body armor is essential for many people in high-risk professions. Learn how modern armor technologies stop bullets.
How Boomerangs Work - A boomerang is one of those amazing things that behaves in a totally unexpected way -- it returns when you throw it! Learn how!
How C-4 Works - C-4 is in the news almost every day now -- it's used in terrorist attacks all over the world. Find out what C-4 explosive is and what it can do.
How Cruise Missiles Work - Every so often it seems that a salvo of cruise missiles ends up in the news. Now you can understand what a cruise missile is and how it works!
How Dirty Bombs Work Dirty bombs are yet another possible tool of terrorism. What exactly is a dirty bomb? What does it have to do with nuclear radiation? Educate yourself about this threat.
How F-15s Work - Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee -- the F-15 is the Muhammad Ali of the skies. Find out why this plane has a perfect combat record.
How Fencing Equipment Works - If you have been watching competitive fencing at the Olympics or in a college match, you know that fencing is an unusual sport, and it uses some very interesting equipment for scoring! Learn the ins and outs of different types of swordsmanship!
How Flamethrowers Work - After humans discovered fire, they created flamethrowers. Learn about these fiery weapons and their civilian counterparts: fire breathers!
How Flintlock Guns Work - Flintlock guns were extremely important weapons in the American Revolution; they also formed the foundation of all modern guns. Learn about the gun that started it all.
How Gas Masks Work - Gas masks may be the only viable protection against bio/chemical weapons. Learn how these devices work.
How Grenades Work - Grenades are a devastatingly effective weapon on the battlefield. Find out what happens when a soldier pulls the pin and tosses one of these bombs at the enemy.
How Karate Works - Karate is an incredible form of physical and mental exercise. Find out how karatekas concentrate to break cinder blocks with their feet!
How Landmines Work - Landmines are a deadly legacy of 20th century warfare. Learn about the technology of landmines and their deactivation.
How M1 Tanks Work - The M1 can withstand an attack from any tank out there -- including another M1. Learn all about the toughest armored land vehicle in the world.
How Machine Guns Work - The invention of the machine gun forever changed the way we wage war. Find out what goes on inside these self-loading weapons.
How Metal Detectors Work - You'll find them in airports, offices, schools and combing the beach for hidden treasure. Learn how metal detectors pinpoint and identify their target.
How Military Camouflage Works - Camouflage is critical in military operations. Learn about different types of camouflage and see how the art of blending in is keeping up with modern detection systems.
How Military Pain Beams Will Work - Phasers have been a staple of SciFi for decades, and new pain beams bring us one step closer. See how they will work!
How Missile Defense Systems Will Work - What once was "Star Wars" under Reagan is now National Missile Defense under Bush. Learn more about the technology behind the system.
How Night Vision Works How can you see someone standing over 200 yards away on a pitch-black night? Learn how night-vision goggles work.
How Nuclear Bombs Work - Nuclear weapons are in the news (and in the movies) all the time. Learn what gives nuclear bombs such immense power and what the long-term dangers are.
How Revolvers Work - The revolver turned shooting a round into a one-step process, forever changing the face of crime, law enforcement and self-defense. Find out what goes on inside a revolver.
How Space Wars Will Work - Weapons in space that can knock down missiles have been under development for years and are starting to look realistic. Learn how they will work.
How Stealth Bombers Work - There is some serious technology and ingenuity involved in making a 172-foot-wide, bomb-carrying aircraft "disappear." Find out how the B-2 bomber deals with enemy radar.
How Stinger Missiles Work - The Stinger missile is an extremely effective weapon for shooting down aircraft. Learn how the Stinger allows a single soldier on the ground to bring down a plane.
How Stun Guns Work - You know those phasers used by Captain Kirk and Spock? That technology isn't really so far off. Find out different types of stun guns work to immobilize their target.
How Submarines Work - A submarine is a true feat of engineering. Learn about the life support, manuevers, power supply, navigation and deep-water rescue of a submarine.
How Sword Making Works - The centuries-old art of sword making involves incredibly intricate metal work, and it's still being practiced today. Get a glimpse into the creation of this ancient weaponry!
How the V-22 Osprey Works - The Osprey is an unique aircraft. How does it work? And what has caused its recent failures? Have an in-depth look at the aircraft's systems and design.
How Verbal Self-Defense Works - You interact with people in public all the time -- now learn how to handle the sticky situations!
How Water Blasters Work - The classic water gun has morphed into a super soaking water blaster. Examine the inner workings of these awesome toys!
How WWII Fighter Planes Worked - The film "Pearl Harbor" is now playing. Look at the aircraft involved in that battle, technological marvels for their time.
Terrorism - The attention of the world has turned to the universal dilemma of terrorist activity and how to deal with it.