How 3-D Graphics Work - 3-D Graphics are essential to realistic computer games, simulators and object modeling -- they can make computer images look totally life-like! Learn how a computer model gets transformed into a moving color image!
How accessDTV Works - You can access digital television on your computer monitor through this PCI card, and you're still free to surf and run whatever programs you want. Learn all about accessDTV!
How AGP Works - The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) enhances the performance and speed of graphics hardware. Find out exactly how AGP works and how much faster it'll be in the future!
How Autofocus Cameras Work - Ever wonder how your camera knows what you're looking at? Understand how autofocus cameras lock on to the object you're photographing!
How Buying a Camcorder Works - Camcorders let you record everything from your child's birthday to documentary films! Learn exactly how they work and what to look for when you're purchasing one!
How Cable Modems Work - Cable modems let you send and receive data using the lines set up for cable TV. Learn how a cable modem works and how it compares performance-wise to a DSL connection.
How Cable Television Works - Millions of homes in America receive their television signal through a cable TV connection. Learn how the cable system developed and how it works today!
How Camcorders Work - There is no escaping the camcorder -- people record everything from birthday parties to births for later playback. Find out exactly how camcorders catch you on tape.
How Cameras Work - Cameras combine optical, chemical and mechanical processes in a simple, yet amazing device. Get inside a single lens reflex camera.
How Computer Monitors Work - Chances are you're reading this on a computer monitor. Find out all about it, including dot pitch, refresh rates and the signals flowing along the VGA cable!
How Digital Cameras Work - A digital camera is great for e-mailing pictures or posting them on Web sites. Learn how digital cameras work and what to look for when purchasing one!
How Digital Cinema Works - George Lucas didn't use any film creating "Attack of the Clones" -- the entire movie was shot on digital video! Find out what digital cinema is all about.
How Digital Television Works - Digital TV provides a picture that is comparable in clarity to a computer monitor. Compare an analog picture to a digital one and find out how the DTV system works!
How DVDs and DVD Players Work - DVD is becoming the most popular video storage medium -- a single disc can store a huge amount of data. Find out why a DVD has at least seven times the storage capacity of a CD!
How Elumens Vision Station Works - The next generation in computer displays gives you a full 180-degree field of view. Learn how the Elumens display works!
How EyeVision Works - EyeVision promises to revolutionize the way we think of instant replays. If you watched Super Bowl XXXV, you saw EyeVision in action. Learn how the camera view "flies" around the field to show you every angle.
How Facial Recognition Systems Work - How unique is your face? New software can identify you by scanning your features. Learn how facial recognition software can turn any crowded street into a police lineup.
How FireWire Works - A FireWire connection lets you send data to and from high-bandwidth devices such as digital camcorders. Learn how FireWire works and how you can use it on your computer!
How HDTV Works - Understand everything about the emerging DTV and HDTV standards and products!
How Home Theater Works - Want to FEEL that jet fly across the TV screen? Learn about the components of a home theater and how to put it all together to create the system that's right for you!
How IMAX Works - The time it takes to make an IMAX movie results in an incredible viewing experience. Learn about some amazing movie-making technology!
How Jumbo TV Screens Work - The video screens at sporting events and concerts are almost like your TV -- except that they're GIGANTIC! Learn about the technology that makes these 30-foot screens possible!
How Movie Projectors Work - A theater's movie projector is one of those things that you know is there but you have probably never seen! Go behind the scenes into the projectionist's world!
How Movie Sound Works - Spielberg says that sound is the major technological achievement of contemporary film. Find out if he's right.
How Plasma Displays Work - Somehow, plasma displays fit the components for a huge screen into a unit that's less than 6 inches deep. Learn how these displays do so much with so little space.
How Projection Television Works - When the picture has to be BIG, projection television is called in. Learn how these systems produce a high-resolution image for a huge screen.
How Satellite TV Works - Satellite TV once required a huge eyesore of a dish. Now you can tune in with a tiny plastic bowl. Find out how the TV signal gets from the station to the satellite to your home.
How Shockwave 3-D Technology Works - 3-D Shockwave is a new technology that lets you manipulate 3-D images over the Internet. Find out how these interactive images work.
How Steadicams Work - Some of the greatest movie scenes of all time were filmed using Steadicams. Learn all about this ingenious system and how it helps produce cinematic works of art!
How Television Works - It's nearly guaranteed that your home has one or more TVs -- now you can understand how they work! Learn about direct-view, digital and satellite TV )plus computer monitors)!
How the First-Down Line Works - The virtual first-down line that you see in many televised football games is something of a computer-generated miracle. Find out how this line gets painted on the field!
How VCRs Work - A look deep inside your VCR that helps you to understand how 2 hours of video data can fit onto a $2 tape! You will be amazed at everything packed inside a VCR!
How Video Editing Works - If you own a camcorder and have ever thought about using it to create high-quality video productions on your computer, this article is for you! Learn all about digital video editing!
How Video Formatting Works - If you have ever compared a movie that you see in the theater with one you watch on TV, you know that a lot of video formatting is necessary to fit a movie onto a TV screen. Learn about all of the changes that a movie goes through in order to appear on a video tape or DVD!
How Web Animation Works - Web animation is one of the defining characteristics of the Web and also separates the Web from books. Learn all about how it works!
How Webcams Work - Webcams let you monitor your home, share live video with friends and show the world what's going on in your refrigerator. Learn how to set up your own, step by step.
What If I Shot My TV? - You know that bumper sticker that says "Shoot your TV"? Click here to find out what would happen if you actually tried it (it's best to let us do the dirty work).