How a Block and Tackle Works - Learn about a block and tackle and also explore how gears, levers and hydraulic systems let you trade force for distance!
How Animatronics Works - "Jurassic Park III" is on the loose! Find out how the dinosaurs are made and get a sneak peak at the new Spinosaurus.
How Artificial Hearts Work - The world waits as the latest artificial-heart-transplant patient recovers. Discover how this new medical advance is saving lives.
How Baggage Handling Works - Inside an airport, your bag moves through an amazing system. Learn about these high-speed carts and conveyers.
How Bowling Pinsetters Work - If you've ever been bowling, you know that one of the coolest things is how the pins get reset. Peek at the machinery behind the scenes!
How Car Engines Work - The car engine is one of the most amazing machines we use in our day-to-day activities. Learn how the four-stroke internal combustion engine works!
How Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders Work - You see backhoe-loaders on nearly every construction site around town. Learn how these amazing machines work and what they are able to do.
How Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders & Multi Terrain Loaders Work - You know those loaders used in construction and landscaping that dig up and pick up EVERYTHING? Learn how these incredible machines work!
How Chain Saws Work - At its core, a chain saw is a two-stroke engine. See how a chain saw works and learn about clutches, magnetos and carbs!
How Champ Cars Work - Champ Cars have carbon fiber bodies, 900-hp engines and top speeds of over 230 mph! Go behind the scenes to learn about the car, the team and the driver!
How Diesel Engines Work - Diesel engines are more efficient and cheaper to run than gasoline engines. Learn what makes diesel engines different!
How Diesel Locomotives Work - All aboard! Giant machines like these are just full of technological treats! Explore a hybrid-diesel locomotive -- from engine to engineer controls!
How Diesel Two-Stroke Engines Work - Take diesel-engine technology, throw in a two-stroke cycle and you've got the basis for the huge engines found in trains and big ships. Learn about the diesel two-stroke engine!
How Differentials Work - The differential is what lets a car make turns without slipping all over the place. Find out how this essential component allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds.
How Electric Motors Work - There are motors all over the place! In your car, your refrigerator, washing machine, computer... Find out everything you need to know about electric motors!
How Elevators Work - In action movies, elevators regularly plummet to the basement, landing in a spectacular ball of fire. Is this possible? Find out what keeps elevators riding smoothly.
How Emergency Power Systems Work - Most of us are entirely dependent on electricity. Learn about the generators and inverters that can put an end to home power failures.
How Escalators Work - You probably ride escalators all the time, but do you know how they move, and flatten, and keep the handrail in synch with the steps? Find out what's going on inside an escalator!
How Espresso Machines Work - Espresso and its derivative drinks have become very popular in America. Watch us take apart an espresso machine.
How Exoskeletons Will Work - Exoskeletons turn people into SuperPeople! See how they will work!
How Fire Engines Work A fire engine is a combination personnel carrier, tool box and water tanker. Learn all about this amazing 3-in-1 machine!
How Gears Work - Explains all about how gears work, including gear ratios, gear trains and planetary gear systems!
How Gyroscopes Work - Did you know that airplanes and space shuttles use the utterly low-tech gyroscope for navigation? Discover the secret behind gyroscopic motion!
How Helicopters Work - Helicopters have the amazing ability to fly in 3-D. Learn how they accomplish this feat and a bunch of other cool tricks!
How Hybrid Cars Work - Hybrid cars offer great mileage and lower emissions. Learn the secrets behind these amazing vehicles and examine two real-world examples!
How Hydraulic Cranes Work - Hydraulic cranes perform seemingly impossible tasks. See the simple design behind the Herculean results.
How Hydraulic Machines Work - Ever gaze at the huge cranes, bulldozers, loaders and shovels on a construction site? Learn about hydraulic machines, from backyard log splitters to big construction equipment!
How Iron and Steel Work - Understand how industry produces inexpensive iron and steel for everything from flatware to cruise ships!
How Lock Picking Works - The basic process of picking a lock is actually very simple, but it takes a lot of practice to do it successfully. Explore the fascinating technology of locks and keys!
How Machine Guns Work - The invention of the machine gun forever changed the way we wage war. Find out what goes on inside these self-loading weapons.
How Manual Transmissions Work - What is really happening inside the transmission as you move the shifter through that funny "H" pattern?
How Metal Detectors Work - You'll find them in airports, offices, schools and combing the beach for hidden treasure. Learn how metal detectors pinpoint and identify their target.
How Movie Projectors Work - A theater's movie projector is one of those things that you know is there but you have probably never seen! Go behind the scenes into the projectionist's world!
How Nail Guns Work If you're building a house or installing hardwood floors, a nail gun is just the thing you need! Learn about the inner workings of this time and thumb saver.
How Nanotechnology Will Work - Nanotechnology will likely be the next industrial revolution. Find out how the world will be building with atoms -- literally, one by one by one...
How Odometers Work - Mechanical odometers have been measuring miles for centuries -- they're a dying breed, and they are so cool inside! Learn how this simple device tracks distance!
How Oscillating Sprinklers Work - Every year, there comes a time to pull out the oscillating sprinklers. Ever wonder just what makes an oscillating sprinkler oscillate? Find out!
How Pendulum Clocks Work - The pendulum clock uses the simplest principles to keep incredibly accurate time. Discover what makes the pendulum such a great timekeeper!
How Photocopiers Work - Most of us don't think about what's going on inside a copier while we wait for copies to shoot neatly out into the paper tray. Find out how, in mere seconds, you can produce an exact replica of what's on a sheet of paper!
How See 'n Says Work - Have you ever wondered how a See 'n Say produces sound without a battery? And where does it store its 26 different phrases? Solve the mystery of the See 'n Say!
How Sewing Machines Work - The sewing machine took a time-consuming, laborious task and made it fast and easy. Find out what goes on inside this ingenious device and check out the high-tech upgrades!
How Slot Machines Work - Do your chances of winning increase if you play the same machine all night? Learn all about the slots, from machine designs to payouts to the odds!
How Submarines Work - A submarine is a true feat of engineering. Learn about the life support, manuevers, power supply, navigation and deep-water rescue of a submarine.
How the "Jaws of Life" Work - The "Jaws of Life" is a huge tool used to free people from mangled cars and buildings. Learn about this amazingly powerful machine and how it saves lives.
How Tower Cranes Work - Tower cranes rise 150 feet in the air and lift up to 19 tons. Plus, they build themselves! Learn how these structures accomplish such feats.
How Two-stroke Engines Work - Discover the differences between the engine in your car and the engine in your chain saw!
How Van de Graaff Generators Work - Were these things invented to make your hair stand on end? Find out how Van de Graaff generators create static electricity and why they were invented in the first place.
How Water Blasters Work - The classic water gun has morphed into a super soaking water blaster. Examine the inner workings of these awesome toys!
How Wave Pools Work - Water parks and their massive wave pools are a huge summer-time attraction. Learn exactly where those ocean-like waves come from!
Inside a Competition Tractor - We look inside a competition tractor at a tractor pull!
Inside an Electric Motor - We take apart a small electric motor and see what's inside!