How AGP Works - The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) enhances the performance and speed of graphics hardware. Find out exactly how AGP works and how much faster it'll be in the future!
How BIOS Works - BIOS is the first thing you see when you turn on your computer. It performs the power-on self-test and boots the operating system. Learn all about BIOS and how you can upgrade it.
How Computer Memory Works - Computer memory shows up in all sorts of electronic devices, from PCs to car radios to cell phones. Learn about the different memory systems in use today.
How Floppy Disk Drives Work Floppy disk drives have been around since the birth of personal computing -- find out how they work!
How Graphics Cards Work - Graphics cards take the computer's digital information and turn it into something humans can see. Learn about this amazing technology.
How Hard Disks Work - Your hard disk holds all of the information available on your computer. Take a look inside this incredibly precise storage mechanism!
How IDE Controllers Work - The Integrated Drive Electronics interface is the most popular way to connect a hard drive to a PC. Find out where IDE came from and how it works today.
How Microprocessors Work - The heart of any desktop or laptop computer is a microprocessor, also known as a CPU. Learn what makes your computer compute!
How Motherboards Work - The motherboard contains the CPU, RAM and support chips that make a computer system work!
How Operating Systems Work - The operating system controls every task a computer carries out. Learn how your operating system manages applications so you can multi-task without a crash!
How PC Power Supplies Work - A PC power supply provides all of the different voltages a computer needs to function. Learn how a power supply works!
How PCI Works - Your computer's components work together through a bus. Learn all about the PCI bus, as well as past and future computer bus technology.
How PCs Work - Curious to know what's going on inside that ever-present PC? Here's your chance! Examine a personal computer from boot-up to shut-down!
How RAM Works - Random access memory (RAM) is as important to your computer's operation as the CPU. Find out how RAM works, how much you need and which type of RAM is best!
How ROM Works - Read-only memory is essential to your computer. You'll also find ROM in video games, cell phones and microwaves. Learn about the different types of ROM and how they're used!
How Screensavers Work - Screen savers are a source of entertainment and can also be amazing tools. Learn how they work, and also to download your free screen saver!
How SCSI Works - SCSI (pronounced "scuzzy") is an ultra-fast, high-power communications bus that connects up to 15 devices to your computer. Find out how this bus operates.
How Serial Ports Work - Serial ports have been an important I/O tool for decades. Learn how they work!
How Sound Cards Work - Sound cards ushered PCs into the world of multi-media. Learn how sound cards work and understand the various features.
How USB Ports Work - The USB port has taken over as the preferred connection -- it's easy, it's fast and it supports up to 127 devices on a single machine. Learn about the Universal Serial Bus!
How Virtual Memory Works - Virtual memory makes your computer act like it has a lot more RAM than it does. Find out what virtual memory is and how it increases the speed of your PC.