How Air Conditioners Work - When the summer heat sets in, the air conditioner reclaims its spot as top appliance. Learn how air conditioners cool the whole place down.
How Allergies Work - If you've got allergies, you know the drill -- sneezing, wheezing, itching. But do know why you get these symptoms? Find out about the immune-system mix-up we call an "allergy."
How Animal Camouflage Works - Camouflage increases an animal's chances of survival in the wild. See how some animals blend in with their environment.
How Barrier Islands Work - From Atlantic City to Miami Beach, barrier islands are popular vacation spots and amazing ecosystems. Go exploring.
How Bats Work - Bats really stand out in the animal world. Sort out the facts from the myths and see what makes these creatures so unique.
How Bug Zappers Work - Citronella, DEET, bug zappers -- do any of these products actually work on those annoying pests? Find out!
How Catalytic Converters Work - A catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of a car's emissions control system, but it is actually pretty simple. Learn how catalytic converters reduce pollutants.
How Composting Works - Composting is inexpensive and produces a product that helps the environment. Learn how you can benefit from composting.
How Dry Cleaning Works - Want to know what happens to your clothes after you give them to the dry cleaner? Do they actually stay dry? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the dry-cleaning process!
How Earthquakes Work Earthquakes are terrifying because they break a fundamental assumption -- they turn the rock-solid earth into a shaking, trembling foe! Learn where earthquakes come from!
How Electric Cars Work - Electric vehicles, especially EVs powered by fuel cells, will replace gasoline-powered cars over the next decade or two. Find out how today's electric cars work!
How Evolution Works - The theories of evolution abound, and it's a subject of some very heated debate. Learn more about the ideas surrounding the beginning of life and how we got where we are today!
How Fire Works - Fire is one of mankind's greatest tools -- and also one of its worst enemies. Learn what fire is, how it starts and why it spreads so effectively.
How Floods Work - Flooding has claimed more lives than any other natural disaster. Find out how a gentle stream becomes a raging torrent.
How Fuel Cells Work - Fuel cells have been all over the news lately as they come closer to reality in automobiles and homes. Learn how fuel cells work and how efficient they really are!
How Gas Prices Work - The price of gas has a major impact on the economy and our daily activities. Find out what drives the price at the pump.
How Grass Works - They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Why is that? Learn how to take your lawn from wilting mess to suburban Eden.
How Hurricanes Work - Hurricanes are in the news between July and November every year. Learn how hurricanes work, how they are categorized and even how they get their names!
How Hydropower Plants Work More than 1 billion people get their electricity from hydropower plants. Find out how flowing water gets turned into electrical current!
How Landfills Work - Each day we all contribute something to the local landfill without even thinking about it. Learn what happens to trash after you throw it away!
How Landmines Work - Landmines are a deadly legacy of 20th century warfare. Learn about the technology of landmines and their deactivation.
How Mosquitoes Work - It wouldn't be summer without those pesky mosquitoes. Find out why they bite and how you can protect yourself.
How Oil Drilling Works - Black gold. Texas tea. Whatever you call it, oil is a valuable commodity. Finding and extracting it is a fascinating process. Dig deep into modern oil exploration and drilling.
How Oil Refining Works - Oil refineries turn out to be absolutely essential to modern society. Learn how they turn crude oil into everything from butane to gasoline!
How Oscillating Sprinklers Work - Every year, there comes a time to pull out the oscillating sprinklers. Ever wonder just what makes an oscillating sprinkler oscillate? Find out!
How Ozone Pollution Works - It's sunny, hot and an orange ozone alert has been issued. Find out what ozone is and how it affects your health.
How Quicksand Works - You know how in movies, quicksand just swallows people in seconds? Well, the movies are wrong. Find out how quicksand really acts and what to do if you happen to fall into it.
How Rainbows Work - Rainbows are easily one of nature's most beautiful effects. Have you ever wondered how the colors end up in seemingly perfect bands? Find out exactly how a rainbow is produced.
How Rainforests Work - Tropical rainforests make up only a small part of the Earth's surface, but are home to more than half of the planet's plant and animal species. Learn more about this amazing environment.
How Rip Currents Work - Rip currents can strike without warning if you don't know what to look for. Learn what they are and how to get to safety.
How Sharks Work - Sharks are top dog in the oceans! Learn more about these highly effective predators.
How Solar Eclipses Work - Solar eclipses don't happen very often, but when they do they are amazing to watch! Learn how these rare occurrences work!
How the Eden Project Works - The Eden Project is an incredible set of massive greenhouses in Cornwall, England. Check out this amazing place!
How the Hydrogen Economy Works - Fossil fuels bring problems ranging from oil spills to global warming. Hydrogen is one possible solution. Learn about the benefits of and hurdles facing the hydrogen economy.
How the Leonid Meteor Shower Works Every November, the Leonid meteor shower fills the sky with "shooting stars." Find out how Leonid and other meteor showers work!
How The Nature Conservancy Works - Learn what's being done to rebuild the populations of endangered plants and animals!
How Venus Flytraps Work - Venus flytraps are some of the most fascinating plants you can find in nature. Learn how they catch and digest their prey, and also how to raise one at home!
How Volcanoes Work - Volcanoes are some of nature's most awe-inspiring displays, with everything from exploding mountaintops to rivers of lava! Learn how all the different types of volcanoes work!
How Whales Work - From Moby Dick to Shamu, we're fascinated with our brethren in the sea. Find out about the story, songs and even snoring of the whales!
How Wildfires Work - Wildfires burn thousands of acres annually, almost taking on a life of their own. Learn how wildfires are born, live and die.
The Forces of Nature at! - It's tornado season in the U.S. Midwest. Hurricane season is just around the corner. Find articles on these and other forces of nature.