Controversy! - Check out the 10 articles that generated the most reader mail in 2001! Decide for yourself whether they're right on or way off -- and tell us about it!
How Boomerangs Work - A boomerang is one of those amazing things that behaves in a totally unexpected way -- it returns when you throw it! Learn how!
How Chocolate Works - Chocolate bars, chocolate chips, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream... The average person in the U.S. eats 10 pounds of chocolate per year. Learn all about it.
How Fireworks Work - In the U.S., the Fourth of July brings fireworks displays that fill the sky with the most amazing colors and designs. Find out what's behind these incredible pyrotechnics.
How Flamethrowers Work - After humans discovered fire, they created flamethrowers. Learn about these fiery weapons and their civilian counterparts: fire breathers!
How Floating Cities Will Work - The world's first floating city is absolutely gigantic and could set sail in about three years. Have your mind totally blown by this incredible project!
How Game Boy Advance Works - The Nintendo Game Boy has been the standard for years. See how the next generation works!
How Guide Dogs Work - Guide dogs make it possible for visually impaired people to navigate very complex environments. And these dogs are even smarter than you think. Learn how guide dogs train and work!
How Holographic Environments Will Work - Holographic environments make the virtual world truly tangible. Find out about the development of real-life, interactive "holodecks"!
How Hoverboards Will Work - See "Back to the Future 2"? Drool much over those hoverboards? Find out how these devices will work and see one that already does!

How Xbox Works - The game console wars heat up as software giant Microsoft throws its hat in the ring. See how the Xbox stacks up to the competition!

How Hypnosis Works - Skeptic or believer, hypnosis is a pretty interesting phenomenon. Check it out -- and let us know if you start to bark like a dog.
How Lie Detectors Work - Lie detection is a consistently controversial topic -- how can a machine tell truth from deception? Find out what these devices measure and if they really can detect lies.
How Liquid Motion Lamps Work - The liquid motion lamp has been a cultural icon since the 1960s. It can be absolutely mesmerizing. Learn the chemistry behind the transfixion!
How Lock Picking Works - The basic process of picking a lock is actually very simple, but it takes a lot of practice to do it successfully. Explore the fascinating technology of locks and keys!
How Magna Doodle Works - The Magna Doodle... For kids, it's a cool toy. For parents, it's art without the mess. For adults it is a tribute to the beauty of physics. Discover the science behind the Doodle.
How Mirages Work - You're driving down the road on a sunny day, and you see a puddle of water coming up. You look again and it's gone! What happened? Learn what causes different kinds of mirages.
How Night Vision Works How can you see someone standing over 200 yards away on a pitch-black night? Learn how night-vision goggles work.
How Nostradamus Works - E-mail hoaxes claimed that he foresaw the events of September 11, and his words have been deemed prophetic for ages. Learn who Nostradamus was and what he really wrote.
How Personal Jetpacks Will Work - With highways getting more crowded, maybe we will all start using personal jetpacks to get to work. Learn all about it!
How Pinball Machines Work - The pinball machine is an arcade standard, and there are those who have mastered its secrets. Find out about tilt sensors, replays, matches, combination shots and more.
How Pop-Up Turkey Timers Work - Many of the turkeys sold in the U.S. for Thanksgiving come with a cool little piece of technology -- the pop-up timer! Learn how pop-up timers know (and tell you) when the turkey is done!
How Quicksand Works - You know how in movies, quicksand just swallows people in seconds? Well, the movies are wrong. Find out how quicksand really acts and what to do if you happen to fall into it.
How Robots Work - A robot and a human being are made up of the same basic components. Find out how robots do what they do and how close we are to artificial intelligence.
How Roller Coasters Work - Roller coasters keep getting faster and more complex. What keeps coaster cars flying around their tracks instead of up into the air? Learn how roller coasters work.
How Rotary Engines Work - A rotary engine is an internal combustion engine, but it's not like the one in most cars. Learn about the rotary engine and how it compares performance-wise to a piston engine.
How Segways Work - After a long wait, the world finally knows what IT (aka Ginger) is all about. Find out what's going on inside the Segway Human Transporter and why its inventor thinks it will change the world.
How Singing Fish Work - Singing fish are everywhere -- at the mall, on TV and in catalogs! They are silly, but it turns out that there is an amazing amount of technology inside them -- they are really simple robots! Find out exactly how they work!
How Snow Makers Work - Snow makers are a big part of any ski resort, both for the resort operators and for the skiers. See how these machines combine nature and techology to coat the slopes!
How Sunglasses Work - For some of us, summer is already here -- time to break out the sunglasses. But are they really protecting your eyes? Find out if those $10 sunglasses are as good as the high-cost ones.
How Sword Making Works - The centuries-old art of sword making involves incredibly intricate metal work, and it's still being practiced today. Get a glimpse into the creation of this ancient weaponry!
How Tattoos Work - People have been tattooing for thousands of years. Learn how the art has evolved -- ink, needles, pain, body parts and all.
How Teleportation Will Work - That Star Trek teleporter is one step closer to reality. Scientists have now teleported a laser beam -- are humans next? Learn how human teleportation will work.
How UPC Bar Codes Work - Every product at the supermarket has a UPC bar code. Find out what these codes do and how you can decode them without a scanner!
How Van de Graaff Generators Work - Were these things invented to make your hair stand on end? Find out how Van de Graaff generators create static electricity and why they were invented in the first place.
How Water Blasters Work - The classic water gun has morphed into a super soaking water blaster. Examine the inner workings of these awesome toys!
How Water Slides Work - It's a leap of faith onto a curvy, steep, wet chute... Discover how water slides work and what draws thrill-seekers to them.
How Wave Pools Work - Water parks and their massive wave pools are a huge summer-time attraction. Learn exactly where those ocean-like waves come from!