How Aerosol Cans Work - They dispense everything from hairspray to cleaning products to whipped cream -- now learn how aerosol systems work!
How Atoms Work - Atoms are everywhere -- in your body, in the chair you are sitting in, in the air you breathe! Learn about the fundamental particles that make the universe possible!
How Batteries Work - Batteries are all over the place -- in our cars, our PCs, our cell phones... Find out all about batteries, from the basic concept at work to the actual chemistry going on inside!
How Beer Works - It takes a lot to produce a great beer. Take a tour through the brewing process from start to finish, barley to bottle, mash to keg -- and learn to brew at home!
How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works - The threat of bio/chem warfare is in the news. Understand what's involved in this type of weaponry.
How Bread Works - Learn about the bio-chemical reactions that make bread taste so good!
How Breathalyzers Work - To keep drunk drivers off the road, police officers use Breathalyzers to check for alcohol on the breath. Find out how these devices determine blood alcohol content.
How C-4 Works - C-4 is in the news almost every day now -- it's used in terrorist attacks all over the world. Find out what C-4 explosive is and what it can do.
How Diamonds Work - Do you ever wonder what makes diamonds so valuable? You might be surprised at the answer. Find out why they cost so much and which ones are truly rare.
How DNA Evidence Works - DNA evidence is now as important as fingerprints in convicting criminals and freeing innocent suspects. Learn how your DNA can be used to identify you.
How Dry Cleaning Works - Want to know what happens to your clothes after you give them to the dry cleaner? Do they actually stay dry? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the dry-cleaning process!
How Exploding Manholes Work - Imagine walking down the street and suddenly being catapulted into the air. It could happen! Find out about exploding manholes.
How Fire Extinguishers Work - Normally, your fire extinguisher sits on the wall collecting dust, but it could end up saving your life. Find out how these devices kill the flames.
How Fire Works - Fire is one of mankind's greatest tools -- and also one of its worst enemies. Learn what fire is, how it starts and why it spreads so effectively.
How Gas Masks Work - Gas masks may be the only viable protection against bio/chemical weapons. Learn how these devices work.
How Gasoline Works - Without gasoline, the world as we know it would grind to a halt. The U.S. alone consumes about 130 billion gallons of gasoline per year. Learn all about this vital fluid.
How Instant Film Works - Before digital cameras, you needed instant film to get instant pictures. Find out how Polaroid and other instant cameras give you the image in a snap!
How Light Sticks Work - Light sticks are huge these days! They're at parties, concerts and filling the streets on Halloween. Learn how these light sources glow!
How Luminol Works - You know on crime shows when they spray some stuff on a "clean" carpet and suddenly -- blood stains! This crime scene tool actually exists. Find out how luminol reveals the blood.
How Moissanite Jewels Work - Learn everything about technology's latest attempt to replicate the diamond!
How Mummies Work - Mummies are thousands of years old, but our fascination with them is timeless. Learn how mummies are made (and about the legendary mummy curse).
How Oil Refining Works - Oil refineries turn out to be absolutely essential to modern society. Learn how they turn crude oil into everything from butane to gasoline!
How Semiconductors Work - Modern electronics are built around semiconductors. Learn all about silicon, doping, diodes, and how they create transistors and chips.
How St. John's Wort Works - St. John's wort and its effectiveness have been in the news a lot. Many people have heard of the drug, but aren't sure what it is -- find out what's in it, what it's used for and what its side effects are.
How the Hydrogen Economy Works - Fossil fuels bring problems ranging from oil spills to global warming. Hydrogen is one possible solution. Learn about the benefits of and hurdles facing the hydrogen economy.
How Winemaking Works - Many people enjoy wine with dinner or at social events. Learn how wine is made, from grapes to glass!
National Science Teachers Association Convention 2001 - If you couldn't make it to the convention this past weekend, go on a virtual tour of the exciting exhibits at the show!