This page contains a great list of books that will help you learn more about topics featured on There are three places for you to get copies of these books:

  1. Try your school or local library. This is a good approach because at the library the books are free and you will often find other related books as you look for the books listed below.
  2. Purchase the books online. Each daily book title you'll find here is produced The New Way Things Work, by David MacAulay
  3. Everyday Science Explained, by Curt Suplee
  4. How in the World?: A Fascinating Journey Through the World of Human Ingenuity, by Readers Digest
  5. Electronics, by Roger Bridgman
  6. Inside Harley-Davidson, by John Carroll and Garry Stuart
  7. The Americans: The Democratic Experience, by Daniel Joseph Boorstin Transportation The Human Body